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Saturday, June 27, 2009
Bike Day!
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june 26, friday.


supposedly meet @ 12pm.
arrived Broadway Soho around 1:30pm & meet ken.
went to TOPSHOP* immediately for free bike rental!

wahh~ there have so many bikes (:

spot the truck behind us?
it is full of bikes!

simply love the blue bike w. basket on!

arrived 8ave east village around 2:30pm.
why east village?
becuz the weather is too damn HOT and we were mad thirsty!
so we decided to go Mcdonald for cold drinks!
and of cause cooool air too!

we were all so satisfied and cool down afterward.

i suggest, lets go to 17 pier again for some daylight pictures!
then, here we bikeeees again from 8ave to chinatown.

simply love the windy feel when we got to the nearby sea.

simply love the Brooklyn Bridge background behind us!
& the sea too!

we were the grey people, can u able to spot the color?

it is alredy 4:00pm when we got there.
busy-ing to took photos&posing.

it is 4:30, so we gotta hurry bike back to TOPSHOP*
bcuz ken is working @ 5pm.

well...he ended up getting late to work
cuz we got to the TOPSHOP around 4:5opm
awww, sorry :(

then we headed to our favorite restaurant to have lunch&dinner.

nice to meet u for the first time, paul*
a very cute 19 years old guy who spoke cantonese too! how awesome.

after dinner,
we went to game arcade for 10 minutes?

underneath paul's apartment.
paul went back to his apartment go grab his nikon camera too.

simply love the 8star filter that franklin just bought!
the light reflection is so amazing.

should i get one too?

o yea, lets not forget our free frogen yogurt!

the line is long, but is okay, cuz it worth the wait!
the new flavor is passion fruit*
tasteee so yummmmyyy but SOUR!

i always love frogen yogurt*
and pinkberry too!

we all spot the sky was a bit different that evening.
the cloud look like a little marshmallow.
the sky is orange color and the cloud is yellow!

a totally different sky that i saw in new york city.

well, still, i prefer blue sky!
always make me feel good when i saw it (:

the whole day journey make me so tireeeddd!
went out @ noon 12pm, and went home @ night 10pm.
oh wow.