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lost day, picture fade, stories told, this is my photo diary.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009
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public diary continue.

The Blogger:

beloved sister & mom
happy birthday!
*i love you both as always (:

first post begin with my beloved family.

06.15, mon night
birthday dinner w cousin&aunt

favorite cousin! KENNY* hehes
he is only 14. but he look like 18!
people always thought he is my bf whenever we're out
how funny =P

kenny's lil brother, playing w my pink NDS.
hey keegan, you're getting fat and dark!

under my house.
thanks kenny! you take nice photos too (:

the birthday gift!
from me to my dearest sister.
since she loves shoes&bling bling, therefore i got her this shoes from zara.
hope u'll like it ^^

06.16, tuesday:
dimsum w family @ Flushing
whoo~ i love the restaurant bcuz there were cheap and tasty!

at night
the birthday mom busy cooking for us
hehes. sorry mom.
we just miss your tasty meal so much!

this is always going to be my favorite.
a lil spicy but nice

sister's favorite meal!
spicy too

gotta admit! this is my mom best cooked meal among all!
the curry chicken (:
thumbs up

finally, my favorite soup.

finally, the cake time!
vanilla flavor, taste yummy too

- while i was taking a nap this noon, i got a missed call from uniqlo!
according to the second interview.
sigh = =
i tell myself. no pressure!
just go there and have fun with it.